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How do I sync my favorites to Scout on my smartphone?

Do you have a favorite place that you just loooooooove going to? I bet you do.

Using Scout, you can save your favorite places online and easily have access to them directly on your iPhone - making it easy to get directions there, no matter where you are.

Want to learn how? Follow these instructions to learn how.

Before we begin, make sure:
1. You have downloaded Scout on your iPhone through the AppStore & registered your account
2. You're logged into using the same email address you used when you registered Scout on your iPhone (through the app).

Now that you're all logged in, start by finding one of your favorite places on

1. When you find a place you want to save to your favorites, hit the "Save" button.

2. When you click "Save," a drop down menu will appear. Here you can save it to a default list, named "My Favorites." Alternatively, you can create a new list under the "My Lists" option.

3. Once you save your favorite on, you can easily access it on Scout on your iPhone. To do it, just launch the Scout app and click "Drive" on the dashboard.

4. On the "Drive" screen, select "Favorites"

5. On the Favorites screen, you should see business or location you saved. In our example, it's "Old Village Korean Restaurant."

6. To set up a navigation session to a favorite place, from this menu, just select the location and you'll be provide several routing options!

Now you know how to save favorites on and easily have access to them within Scout on your iPhone.

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